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Food Freedom

I help women and non-binary humans find food freedom and regain comfort with their bodies.

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Detaching from diet culture and "bounce back" narratives can feel downright impossible. Through individual *virtual* sessions, I help you break cycles, find confidence, and repair your relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

Individual Food Therapy

As a nutrition scientist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and qualified nutritionist, I help you nourish your body for every stage of life while actually enjoying your food.

Gut Directed Hypnosis

Repair the pathways connecting your mind and gut that are blocking you from experiencing pain-free days. Eliminate chronic bloating and nourish your microbiome.

Feed Your Bliss

Enjoy the fruits of your food freeodm.

A 6-week coaching program to step into the healthiest, balanced, comfortable and confident version of you so you can look and feel your best.

I'm a speaker and presenter at both in person and virtual events on topics surrounding Intuitive Eating, plant based diets, and food+productivity. I'd be happy to discuss your opportunity + send you my pitch deck!


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I believe in doing great work and being nice to people

Nothing grinds my gears more than misinformation (and straight up lies) in the wellness industry. You'll only find evidence-based, trustworthy info here.


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“Working with Bri changed everything in my life. I enjoy food SO much more now!”

This way of eating is legit. And I'm here for it ... maybe forever! Not to mention allllll the benefits. My body thanks me on the daily.

— Intuitive Eating Client

“The last 2 weeks have honestly been amazing working with Bri. This is the first time in 15yrs I've had hope.”

I've tried so many things and seen so many doctors without any help. I don't feel any pain, I can actually feel hunger and I have so much more energy. I felt the difference immediately.

— Intuitive Eating Client

“I can finally eat foods I like but never let myself have!”

One big change I noticed since working with Bri is that 3pm need for a snack and coffee has disappeared. I feel that sustained sense of fullness and not dropping into deep hunger. I'm so excited to enjoy eating again!

— Intuitive Eating Client

REady to trust your bod again?

You can hop off the dieting and extreme exercise hamster wheel - I know it. You just need a little support, guidance and help figuring out what to do once you get off! That's where I come in. I got you.

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