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Your guide to simple, effective nutrition without obsessing about every single calorie, macro, percentage - VH Style. Plus some of our favorite resources and products from around the web!

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Simply Nourished

The simple, complete guide to nourishing your body without diets - complete with 20 delicious recipes!

The Meal Planner

Stop floundering wondering what to eat - use our fully-equipped meal planning tool (and recipe book)!


Eat Desert With Dinner

Fewer, Better Recipes

Count Plants, Not Calories

Forget What They Think

This is your permission slip to throw the rulebook out the window. Trends come and go (you know low-rise jeans are back, right?) faster that you run to the bathroom on a juice cleanse but *real* nutrition is simple, lasting and doesn't change with every headline. 

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5 Vegan Breakfasts

5 simple, delicious breakfasts that are so good you'll forget they're plant-based!


A few of our favorite things.

Salty Face

The very best self-tanner for face and body - no stink!


The very best protein powder - and it's vegan!

Eye Swoon

My go-to spot to find unique, beautiful home goods and kitchenware!


My favorite pajamas and loungewear — seriously, it's so great!

Jenni Kayne

My go-to shop for basics that are so soft and comfy but still chic and stylish.


My favorite statement sunglasses for any look. I just love 'em!

If you're into no-frills down-to-earth not-at-all-scary advice and ideas for how to eat your food and move your body we've got you covered.
You've come to the right place. 

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