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Essentially, I'm your friend down the street who started blogging about food and then somehow got a Master's in nutrition science and suddenly found herself here, talking to you. I am a believer in eating the bread, ignoring diets and fads, and nourishing your body fully - whatever that means to you.

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I'm Bri Towne

Your brand new internet friend with benefits (not that kind!)

 I have over a decade of experience in the wellness industry busting myths and nerding out on research. Former clients include celebrities, professional + Olympic athletes, regular moms just trying their best and corporate retreat-goers!

Intuitive Eating + Neural Rewiring

I work with individuals in-person in Boston + LA or virtually worldwide in both nutrition and corrective exercise.

Olympic Cyclist
Ultrarunner + Mom
My Neighbor
Harvard Business School

You never have to earn your food

or punish yourself for eating.



The Podcast

The podcast where we get *real* intentional about our health, which sources to listen to and which to ignore, and challenge your approach to wellness.

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